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Sweet Adelines

Sweet Adelines International

The Coronet Club

Young Singers Foundation

Sweet Adelines Regional Websites

Region 1: North Atlantic

Region 2: Border Lakes

Region 3: Midwest Harmony

Region 4: East Central 

Region 5: Spirit of the Midwest

Region 6: Northern Lights

Region 8: Rocky Mountain

Region 9: Atlantic Gulf

Region 10: Great Gulf Coast

Region 11: Sequoia Pacifica

Region 12: Pacific Shores

Region 13: North Pacific

Region 14: Blue Ridge

Region 15: Greater New York/New Jersey

Region 16: Lake Ontario

Region 17: Lake Erie

Region 19: Atlantic Bay-Mountain

Region 21: Golden West

Region 22: Mid America


Region 23: Heart of Dixie

Region 24: Mount 'n Shore

Region 25: Heart of America

Region 26: Canadian Maple Leaf

Region 31: Quartet of Nations

Region 32: Nordic Light

Region 34: Southern Cross

Region 35: New Zealand


SA Region 2 Chorus Websites


Bluewater Chorus

Carillon Belles Chorus

Fenton Lakes Chorus

Festival Sounds Chorus

Grand Harmony Chorus

Grand Traverse Show Chorus

Great Lakes Chorus

Heart of Essex Chorus

London Chorus

Michigan Northern Lights Chorus

Seaway Sounds Chorus

Shoreline Sound Chorus

Song of the Lakes Chorus

Spirit of Detroit Chorus

Tri City Chorus

Water Wonderland Chorus


Sweet Adeline Choruses and Quartets of note!


Bling! (2015 International Quartet Champions)

Love Notes (2014 International Quartet Champions)

Touché (2013 International Quartet Champions)

Martini (2012 International Quartet Champions)

MAXX Factor (2011 International Quartet Champions)

Zing (2010 International Quartet Champions)

Moxie Ladies (2009 International Quartet Champions)

Four Bettys (2008 International Quartet Champions)

SALT (2007 International Quartet Champions)

SPOTLIGHT (2006 International Quartet Champions)

"the BUZZ"(2005 International Quartet Champions)

Brava! (2004 International Quartet Champions)

Swinglish Mix (2003 International Quartet Champions)

Fanatix (2002 International Quartet Champions)

A Cappella Gold (2001 International Quartet Champions)

Rumors (International Champions 1999)



Alamo Metro Chorus

Bay Area Showcase Chorus

Buffalo Gateway Chorus

Capital City Chorus

Channelaire Chorus

Choral-Aires Chorus

City of Lakes Chorus

Gem City Chorus

Harborlites Chorus (2008 International Chorus Champion)

Houston Horizon Chorus

The Melodeers Chorus (2012 International Chorus Champions)

Mountain Jubilee Chorus

North Metro Chorus (2003 International Chorus Champions)

Pacific Empire Chorus

Pacific Sound Chorus



Pride of Baltimore Chorus

Pride of Kentucky Chorus

Pride of Portland Chorus

Pride of Toledo Chorus

Rich-Tones Chorus (2007 International Chorus Champions)

River Blender Chorus

Ronninge Show Chorus

The San Diego Chorus (2002 International Chorus Champions)

Scottsdale Chorus (2006 International Chorus Champions)

Song of Atlanta Chorus

  Skyline Chorus 

Spirit of Syracuse Chorus

Spirit of the Gulf Chorus

Stockholm City Voices Chorus

Toast of Tampa Show Chorus



Men's Barbershop Links

Barbershop Harmony Society


Ambassadors of Harmony

Guardians of Harmony Chorus


Singing Buckeyes



Other Barbershop / A Cappella Links


Barbershop Harmony Web Ring

Barbershop Radio

Contemporary A Cappella Society



Harmony Foundation

Harmony Inc.

Harmony Marketplace


Primarily A Cappella

A Cappella Music and Theater



Fun Barbershop links


The Osmond Brothers at Disneyland (ages 6-12) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =Rp-JAZQJWcc


Gas House Gang - The Star-Spangled Banner http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =TBYZW9fQJdE


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