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Novelty Shop

Four part comedy in the barbershop style”


Sally Burns (Tenor), Susan Gleason (Lead), Lynne Peirce (Bass), Cindy Gazetti (Baritone)

 “Novelty Shop” has become a dream come true for four former Sweet Adeline Regional quartet champs looking for the true meaning of life…. set to music. 
First there was the zany Sally Burns, tenor of “New Review”, who had always wanted to sing with Susan Gleason, the hilarious loose cannon lead singer of “Accolade”.  
Then along came Cindy Gazetti, the classy closet-comedian and lead of “Harmonix” who had ALSO always wanted to sing with Susan and was willing to switch to baritone to do it. 
Last, there was bass Lynne Peirce, currently quartetless.  Lynne had sung with Susan in “Accolade” for nine years so she was invited to jump into the experiment. 
Well… this decision was a no-brainer, but Lynne agreed to sing with Sue again anyway. 
From the first rehearsal in December 2001 the quartet realized they could polish off more new music and bowls of popcorn than any quartet they had ever sung with… and those numbered in the several.
 This foursome has found a match of free spirits who enjoy each other and love creating stand up comedy performed in four-part harmony.  We invite you to sit back and laugh with Novelty Shop. 
And we dare you to figure out who to watch.  



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Dream On!

Sylvia Karpinsky (Baritone), Heather Slayton (Lead), Alice Peltier (Bass), and Kim Bachand (Tenor)

In January 2010 the radical idea of forming a quartet was raised.
Heather, who normally sings Baritone was asked to sing Lead and Alice who had recently switched to Bass was on board with Tenor Kim but who would we get to sing Bari?
Here's where the radical idea came in... "Let's ask Sylvia!" So we did and to our delight without hesitation she said YES! 
Sylvia, is the Master Director of Great Lakes chorus, of which all 4 of us are members, and was crowned a Queen of Harmony in 1991 with the International Championship Quartet "Swing Street" singing Tenor.
We've been the mic testing quartet for Region 2 at Regional Competitions but didn't actually "compete" until the Open Division was created which we felt was made just for us!
In 2015 and 2016 the quartet competed in the Region 2 Open Division and are proud to have been voted the "Audience Choice" Award both years.
With our eclectic taste in music and a flair for Comedy, Dream On! sings everything from tender ballads,  jazz and blues, 50's and 60's standards to pure silliness.
Sit back and relax, enjoy the fun and let us transport you into our latest "Dream"...



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Kelsey Braiden (Baritone), Debbie Deljevic (Lead), Lou Ann Bobrevetski (Bass), Amy Kreger (Tenor)

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Take Notice

Lois Zukowski (Baritone), Barb Kilcoyne (Bass), Margie Thompson (Lead), Denise Kildea (Tenor)

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Up to Note Good

Rachel Lunning (Baritone), Pam Glass (Bass), Kris Mueller (Lead), Andrea Kal (Tenor)

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